Megint egy átverés

Több ügyfelünk érdeklődött nálam, mert ilyen e-mailt kaptak:

Dear Sir/Madam ,

Having had your name and address from China Council for the Promotion of International Trade,we now avail ourselves of this opportunity to write to you and have something important need to confirm with your company.
We are registration service center authorized by CHINAGOV (THE DEVELOPMENT CENTER OF THE STATE COMMISSION OFFICE FOR PUBLIC SECTOR REFORM) in China.We received a formal application from a company(According to The China Law & Privacy Policy,Hidden The Real Name) is applying to register ” Te_domain_neved ” as their domain names and internet brand in China and also in Asia on July 16,2008. Considering domains and internet brand would involve the intellectual property of your company’s name,patents,trademarks,and copyright, and in order to avoid confusion between them, so we inform you urgently.

At present, many domain name registries or domain name investment companies in China and even the world register domains and internet brand,and then sell them to the owner of trademark at high prices to make huge profit. Therefore, we remind you particularly that if you considered these domain names and internet brand are very important to you and there is necessary to protect them by registering them first, please let someone who is responsible for trademark or domain name contact me as soon as possible,according to the register principle, the original owner of the trademark has the priority to register.Thank you for you cooperation.

Looking forward to your prompt reply,

Kind Regards,
Dr. Michael Liao
Chief Law Officer,Senior Consulting Director
Internet Brand Justice & Safety Dept.
FireTrust Technology Ltd.

Ez ugyanúgy átverés, mint bármi más. Nem szabad bedőlni!
Ha mégis szükséged lenne a .CN végű domainre, akkor szólj és majd mi regisztráljuk Neked.

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  • Én is kaptam. Kiröhögtem, de lehet, hogy páran bedőlnek.
    Bár igazán el sem tudom képzelni kinek kellene .cn végű domain…

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